10 Keys to a Powerful Personal Brand – Part 3


10 Keys to a Powerful Personal Brand – Part 3


Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally arrived at the final 4 keys. When put into practice these principles will catapult your personal brand into the outer most galaxies. Well you know what I mean LOL. All 10 keys combined will put you in a league that only 5-10 percent of all people ever venture into. After you read this, revisit part one and two of this series to familiarize yourself with all 10 keys.

So far we’ve looked at:

  1. clarity
  2. competence
  3. concentration
  4. commonsense
  5. creativity
  6. consideration

I once again must mention Brian Tracy, the mastermind behind the arrangement and delivery of these 10 powerful keys. Here are the last four keys.

7: Consistency

Dependable, steady, predictable work is always better than bursts, and sporadic spurts.

Law of accumulation: Even though you do a hundred things that you don’t see, those hundred things accumulate to build success.

Even if you don’t see yourself get the results, keep going.

Guard your integrity as a sacred thing

  • Never compromise your integrity.
  • Never compromise your peace of mind.

Be true to yourself.

8: Commitment

To make a commitment is one of the hardest things to do.

  • If you cannot commit to it wholeheartedly, it probably means that its not right for you.
  • Find relationships and work that you can commit to.
  • Commit to your family, friends, career, goals, success, job, company, boss, God.

9: Courage

This is the outstanding quality of all leaders.

Face your fears.

  • “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain” (Mark Twain).

Security decreases opportunities, less security increases opportunities.

Keep moving forward

  • Dare to go forward in the direction of fulfilling your potential.

The fear of failure is the greatest source of failure, but can be counteracted by courage.

Persist in the face of adversity.

  • Without obstacles, no success is possible.
  • Develop the quality of being unstoppable.
  • Decide that no matter what happens in life that nothing will stop you.

10: Confidence

It is a result of doing things over and over again well

  • Self doubt can be paralysing
  • Self confidence begets great achievement

Behave confidently

Your true beliefs are only and always expressed by your actions.

  • Act the part.
  • Actions will generate the feelings

Do what successful people do over and over again until it becomes engrained as a habit.

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