5 Basic Personal Brand Tips: Make your brand work for you

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Photo: semvalet.com
Photo: semvalet.com

Nike, McDonalds, Trump, BlackBerry, Nintendo, Calvin Klein. We all associate these brands with certain products. We all recognize the social influence of these brands and the market they cater to. These are massive organizations with hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars behind them, so of course they could manage to brand themselves well. But what about the individuals who are just starting out. What can these mammoth companies teach us about branding? What can you do right now to help your brand grow? Here are some quick tips on how you can start branding yourself and your business.

Show it: Simplicity is the key. A brand can be recognized by a symbol or by a name. Having both is ideal. Expose your brand to as many people as you can. Talk about it, show it on your promotional materials, both on and off line.

Trend it: With social media, you can reach a vast amount of people in a short span of time. Using sites like Twitter, and Facebook, you can create a buzz about your brand. Use social media to ask questions and get feedback. This will help to make it a trending topic within your immediate social circle. So get that friends/fans list and Twitter followers up. The more the merrier.

Does it fit: Like a well tailored suit, your personal brand should fit who you are. You must be comfortable with it. If you are a real-estate agent with a wacky sense of humor, you may want to include cool little comic characters or funny phrases in your marketing material, thus helping to set your brand apart from others.

Be consistent: People tend to disengage from brands that are inconsistent. Being consistent with your brand message will create a sense of comfort and anticipation within your customer base; because they know that not only will your product or service be of a particular quality, they know when and where to get it.

Make it fun: If you’re not having fun with it, what’s the point. Of course it’s business, but there has to be an element of enjoyment. Rogers Communications, a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company has a very serious corporate core; but they make their radio ads very comical, because they understand that their core customers are young professionals with a sense of humor.

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