Activating Your Personal Brand Promise


Activating Your Personal Brand Promise


In my previous post I introduced the concept of a brand promise as it relates to your personal brand. I shared the experience I had at an all-inclusive resort that inspired me to share this piece of information with you.

See: Personal Brand Promise: Lessons learned from an all-inclusive Resort

As a result of what I learned while on vacation, I’ve crafted three things you can immediately do to activate your personal brand promise. Once activated, everything you do within your brand should exemplify this promise. Hint: You may want to review your mission statement to pull some ideas from.

Define your brand promise

Decide on what you wish your brand promise to be. Assess your brand, and what you’ve done with it so far. Think of both the positive and negative feedback you’ve gotten from people who’ve encountered your brand, and zero in on the one thing they all have in common. If it’s negative, how can you change it? If it is positive, pat yourself on the back and find ways to improve upon the good that you already have going for you.

Make it tangible

Find a way to make your brand promise tangible as often as possible. The look, the feel, the smell, the taste. In the previous blog I mentioned Volvo. As an automotive manufacturer, in every commercial, test drive, right down to the materials they use in their vehicles, Volvo’s goal is to make you feel safe. With apple, all their products seem to push the boundaries current status quo forcing you to see the technology, or company in a different light. In everything you do within and outside your brand should work together to fulfill your brand promise.

Review, Assess, Adjust

As master of your own brand, it is necessary to review the image and message of your brand, personal or otherwise. Assess the shortfalls and successes, and keep shaving away at things to make your brand message efficient, clear, and effective…like a well oiled machine.

I was not planning on writing a blog while on vacation, but since I had my laptop with me, the temptation was too great. One thing I try to do is to pull lessons from various experiences that I feel will inspire me to want to make changes within my own life and consequently, my personal brand. The two goes hand in hand. If you think that what you do in your personal life has no real effect on your personal brand, think again. Some of the greatest people have tarnished their brand, even if they eventually recovered, and this is most evident in the athletics arena. Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Kobe Bryant, and I can go on.

As you continue to build your personal brand remember that people are always watching, and your personal brand will be directly affected by what you say and do. Though there will be those who don’t directly engage with your brand; they surely watch to see if you are consistent with your message, and they will talk about you and share that experience, whether you like it or not.

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