Be the Brand


Be the Brand


Be Willing to Do:

“You cannot expect others to do what you aren’t willing to do yourself, given you have the ability to do so.”

There are many of us who talk a big talk but when it comes time for us to walk the walk and put action behind our words, we fail to do so. Is that you? I’ve found myself in this category several times, and it was, and still is to some degree something I struggle with. It sucks, but in the end, after a constant mental pounding of Nike’s popular slogan, ‘Just Do It’, I can’t help but to eventually do what I say. People respect those who back up what they say with action.

Don’t Fall in the Hole:

When it comes to your brand, the ‘doing’ is much more important than the message itself, else all you have are empty words. As important as your personal brand message is, if you fail to back it up with consistent action, your brand will eventually flop, or at best, be seen as wishy washy, which is far from effective. Don’t get caught in this hole for it will be a battle to get out of it.

Be the Brand:

Everything you say, and everything you do should reflect your brand. Regardless of what you may think, you are the best representation of your brand…C’mon, its YOUR BRAND! People will 100% of the time associate you with the brand you present, so be the best possible representation of your brand. As business owners, this should be a no-brainer, but what if you are not a business owner and work for a company, what do you do then? My suggestion is while at work, be the best representation of that company, in attitude and in deed. Be the reason someone will have a good report about the company’s brand.

I came across a video by author and international speaker Eric Thomas. In this video Eric was speaking to a group of franchise owners for Which Wich, an American chain of restaurants that specialize in providing ‘superior’ sandwiches. The message was simple: Be the brand. Watch the video and listen closely for some key take-away points.

Next Steps:

So what is your brand message? Are you living up to it? Can you confidently say that you are the brand you claim you represent?

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And remember, you’re more valuable than you think!

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