Brand Perception: Part 1 – Communicating Your Personal Brand


Brand Perception: Part 1 – Communicating Your Personal Brand


Why do people choose Nike 90% of the time instead of Reebok, Adidas, or Puma; Nike’s equally capable competitors. Or why do most North Americans choose McDonald’s over Burger King. They both make sloppy burgers and fries. Still, why do folks scramble to wait in ridiculously long lines to get the latest iPhone/iPad from Apple, when Samsung, HP, and Dell make the exact same kind of product?

The answer boils down to two fundamental principles that many business, especially solo entrepreneurs, overlook when developing their marketing strategy. The two fundamental principles are, how you communicate your brand message, and how your brand is perceived. Let’s explore the first of the two topics to find out how you can use it to your advantage.

Brand Communication.

Author of the book ‘Start With Why’ Simon Sinek, presents the concept of what he calls the ‘Golden Circle’. See diagram below.

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Most people communicate from the outside in (What > How), its easy to do so; but rarely do they ever get to the bulls-eye (the Why). Simply put, most people know what they do, or what they can do but not why they do it. The most successful and influential individuals, however, communicate the opposite direction and have a profound understanding as to WHY they are doing what they are doing (Why>How>What). See diagram below.

The core of the circle is ‘Why’. This is where the deep desires and thoughts come from. This is where drive and inspired action comes from…your purpose.

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If this is not solidly defined, then pursuing your brand message can become very confusing, and people will disengage. The ones that do engage and ‘buy’ usually do it out of guilt instead of truly believing in what you or your product can offer. For those with businesses, guilt does not keep people coming back to you over and over again, and if it does, you sure as hell have a very disgruntle group of customers waiting for someone with your exact(or similar) service to give them a reason to leave.

Learn to communicate from the inside out on a regular basis, first defining your reasons why (your purpose). Regardless of your industry this principle works, and you will inspire others, thus leading them to choose you over the next guy. Stay Tuned for Part 2.

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