Brand Perception: Part 2 – Internal Perception vs External Perception


Brand Perception: Part 2 – Internal Perception vs External Perception

Its very easy to say you’re the best and that you have the highest quality this and that. That’s great, but what do others think, beyond your family and friends?

It’s all a matter of perception initially, and many times what we think about ourselves is not how how others perceive us to be. This is where matching perception comes into play, where, what you believe about yourself and your company is how others believe it to be as well.

The Internal Perception

This is what you believe about yourself and is infinitely tied into your sense of purpose (see part 1). All of what you think, say, and do affects your belief as to why, how, and what you ultimately do in regards to your brand. Authenticity is paramount, else your efforts will eventually come to shambles. Be brutally honest with yourself here. Do yourself as a lion in the mirror? Know what you are about and be what you are about, even if you are not there yet. People will respond much better when they see that you are actively pursuing what you claim you’re about.

The External Perception


This is how others believe you to be. The public is very good at recognizing in-authenticity, and in most cases will refuse to move

forward with what it is they are offered as a result. The goal is to communicate what you believe yourself and/or your business to be, thus communicating your brand message; and backing it up with a believable product and impeccable service.
If you believe that you are a generous and helpful person, but others see you as a mean suck up individual, then Houston we have a problem. Mismatched perceptions makes it difficult for you to get to your target customers. This why it is imperative to make sure that what’s you believe about yourself on the inside matches what people on the outside believe about you (see part 1). This creates a successful combination, and your personal brand will grow as a result.

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