Personal Brand Promise: Lessons learned from an all-inclusive Resort

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Have you ever heard the phrase “like a well oiled machine”. Never did this phrase become as real to me as it did when I was recently on vacation at an all-inclusive resort. From the moment I walked up to the entrance of the resort, it was evident that the machine was in full effect.

If you are not familiar with all-inclusive resorts/hotels, for the most part, everything is included. That`s meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), attractions, all for one price. I watched as the resort workers moved around seemingly with ease, one working to help the other. There was never a meal where within no more than five minutes, someone didn’t come to remove my empty plate or cup regardless of where in the general vicinity I was. One thing I also noted was though some resort team members worked at specific stations, this one one thing they all worked to remove, clean, answer questions, find help, all to accommodate you accordingly, making your stay as stress free as possible.

So, what the heck does this have to do with personal branding, or even branding in general, and what have I learn from this experience. Well, it all goes back to the concept of the well oiled machine. By this I mean a system that efficiently works to perform a task or series of tasks, all to fulfill one common goal. In the case of the all-inclusive resort, it was to provide the guests with an enjoyable stress-free environment. Similarly so it should be with your brand. Figure out what one, two, or three things your brand will always deliver. This is often called the brand promise. For example, the automotive company Volvo is known for their brand promise, “safety”, Disney is “excitement” or “family, fun, excitement”, Nike is “inspiration and innovation”, Apple challenges you to “think different”. Mine is to inspire positive change. That’s how it works. Everyone now associated with your brand should then understand your brand promise and work alongside you to always fulfill that cause, else you get a confused and even disgruntle group of customers/clients.

So how can you create a well oiled machine for your brand via the brand promise principle? We’ll get into a little more detail with the next blog where I’ll highlight actionable steps you can take to make this concept work for you.


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